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Adam Coakley

Owner of two pubs in Glasgow



Today’s guest is Adam Coakley. Adam is the owner of two of the most popular bars in Glasgow. Through his commitment, ambition and inner drive Adam not only overcame every bar owner’s worst nightmare but he in fact made his business thrive. Adam’s story is certainly inspiring. A strong family bond and a daily battle plan are some of Adam’s keys to success. You will definitely be able to take something of value from this feature. Entrepreneurs and start-ups take note.


Owner of two pubs in Glasgow. Nico’s Cafe Bar and Box Both on Sauchiehall Street


Standard grades only.

First job

Footballer at Motherwell Football Club on a YTS contract earning £100 PW.


Audi Q8.

Favourite book

Not a big reader but I’ve enjoyed a few footballer’s autobiographies – Roy Keane and Craig Bellamy’s were very good.

Favourite film

I have a few to be fair, hard to single one out one. ‘American Gangster’, ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Goodfellas’ are my top three.


I like a bit of everything but still can’t beat 50 Cents first album – ‘Get rich or die tryin’.

Working day

I get up early to get all my training done before I go to work to set me up for the day. Usually a 5k run then head into pub and get started. I am lucky to have very good staff who do most of the daily tasks so I focus more on the social media side of things and the event planning.


My downtime would be a Saturday night after the football with a few beers it’s the only way I would switch off from your usual thoughts. Everyone is different but I think you need to check out now and again.

What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Not everyone knows this but we faced a possible closure due to financial difficulties a few years back but managed to get through it and have never looked back. It was a massive lesson to me personally to be more organised and prepared in business. The things I learned in that process will never leave me now going forward.

Mindset habit or tip

Be consistent in whatever you choose to do. Plan ahead and go for it. Don’t look back and believe in yourself.

Nutrition habit or tip

I have never really had to focus on this to be honest but I am a great believer in your diet is such a big deal in your mindset and how you go about your day. So I try my best to keep the junk food to a minimum.

Training habit or tip

My tip is to do it early in the morning as you can. No better feeling than a run before anyone is even awake. You start your day ahead of the rest. A hated running more than anyone when I was younger now it’s a big part of my life for many positive reasons.

Who inspires you and why?

My parents. My dad because he’s been to hell and back in business and personally he’s still the most inspirational person in so many peoples life’s. My mum for supporting our family through everything it’s faced with a smile on her face. She is the true leader.

What one thing would you tell a reader who was looking for an actionable step they could take to improve their lifestyle?

Start with something simple that you can keep consistent. Then build from there.

You can find Adam’s bars at

@NicosBarGlasgow Twitter

@BoxGlas Twitter

@Nicosglasgow Instagram

@box_glasgow Instagram


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