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Gavin Ritchie

Mobile Trader cooking Napoli style pizza



Today’s guest is Gavin Ritchie. Gavin is a former footballer turned business owner. Gavin has a passion for cooking pizza and in particular loves making something people are excited about. Fulltime footballer to Pizzaiolo (a pizza making professional) is not your typical transition but Gavin stresses the importance of doing something he truly enjoys.

If you are an entrepreneur, visionary or athlete you will definitely find some value in todays feature. You may wonder what interest an athlete may have in making pizza but I feel it is important to stress that for many aspiring athletes, in particular, footballers – football may seem the be all and end all. But as Gavin has shown there is life after football even if you are only 21.

Oh, and if you want a damn good pizza Gav is your man!


Mobile Trader cooking Napoli style pizza.


St Johns High, Dundee.

First job

Footballer for Dundee United.


Citroen DS3 and Pizza TukTuk truck.

Favourite book

Never been much of a reader!

Favourite film

‘Bohemian rhapsody’ or ‘The Great Gatsby’.



Working day

Early mornings and late nights at events and weddings!


Cooking and baking bread.

What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Definitely fracturing my leg twice in one season. I overcame it by lots of rehab and staying happy!

Mindset habit or tip

My experience has been definitely not taking things too seriously, looking at the bigger picture, and laughing a lot!

Nutrition habit or tip

With my job I taste test a lot of my pizza so simply keeping busy and going to the gym.

Training habit or tip

I’ve not got the mindset to go out and run a marathon, I just don’t enjoy it! So I tend to do exercise that I enjoy like 7 aside football, so it doesn’t really feel like hard work.

Who inspires you and why?

Definitely my fiancé, she’s genuinely the nicest person I’ve met and backs me 100%. She keeps me laughing at myself!

What one thing would you tell a reader who was looking for an actionable step they could take to improve their lifestyle?

I’m really early into my business so I can’t give massive life advice, however after the way my final year of football went I really wanted to just do something for a living I truly enjoy doing. In doing that I’ve found myself being happier and improving my lifestyle!

You can find Gavin and his business at

@gavritchie_ on Instagram

@pizzab.goode on Instagram


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