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Sam’s 63 Day Journey to a lifestyle change will help you evaluate your training, nutrition and mindset before setting you on a path to your better self.

A Day in the life

Profiles of remarkable people in diverse fields, from medicine to sport, who share their best actionable habits and tips that you can implement.

Health and nutrition

A collection of articles about lifestyle, nutrition and training, designed to help you understand how to live optimally, both physically and mentally.

Hi, I'm Sam

I am fascinated with optimising life. From a physical and a mental perspective, I believe there is a lot we can do to be better.

My experience as an elite athlete has taught me that as humans we could all do with living a bit more like an athlete. Athletes pay attention to their sleep, hydration, emotions, mindset, body, personal and social lives.

Everything is geared towards improving performance.
Imagine we all acted more like this. Imagine if you focussed on optimising these areas of your life. Imagine how much better you could be.

This is a space for you to be inspired and implement positive changes into your life. Ultimately making you a better you.

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