How to kill yourself whilst training

Running up a vertical hill at the age of about 70.

Firstly, fair play.

And that is it. I know some trainers that would instantly turn their nose up at the thought of telling a 70 year old, let’s call him old boy, to run up an incline of at least 40%.

I mean I probably would.

But who am I to tell you what to do?

There are thousands of methods of training and exercise.

And there is not one method that is superior in any way shape or form.

Ultimately, the most superior method of training is going to be the one you are still doing 10 years from now.

The one where you leave feeling better than you did when you walked in.

The one that gives you a shockwave of dopamine that fills you with joy.

Yes, you may have specific physical goals in which you will need specific training or exercise regimes.

But the majority of people want to simply get the most bang for their buck.

Meaning they want to feel better than they did before.

The majority of people do not have the same feelings towards squatting 100kg as they do playing hockey, football, martial arts, dancing… whatever it is.

Now, back to old boy who was running up the hill.

I was out walking in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow on a fairly cold and wet day. The next thing I know I had stumbled across what appeared to be a military themed training session. The trainer had full camo on and was shouting very loudly.

I decided to stop, if anything I thought this will be entertaining.

And so I found myself standing at the top of the park overlooking this group of non-military individuals of Mums, Dads and Grandpas.

Initially I thought to myself, fuck, that old boy is going to kill himself.

“FIRE!” screamed the man in full camo. Next thing I know the group are scrambling up the vertical grassy slope.

One couple appear to be eating the grass as they climb up on all fours, a few others are using their hands and feet as spikes as they ascend this monster face.

My attention turns to the old boy. He is doing pretty damn well. He reaches the summit and I immediately breathe a sigh of relief. But yes. You guessed it. He is about to turn and come straight back down. 70 years I thought, he’s done well but I presumed this was the end.

And I was right. The old boy turned and rolled head over heels all the way down to the bottom, coming to a dead stop right at the muddy boot of the sergeant who was leading this army of nutters.

No, I’m joking he didn’t roll down to the bottom. But that would have been funny.

The old boy simply side shuffled back down the hill, got to the bottom safe and sound and then was on his way back up.

I turned and continued on my walk, with a little smile on my face. I thought to myself how brilliant that actually was. This man obviously loved a bit of adventure and risk taking. He was trying something that certainly was going to challenge him. He was making his training fun and exciting.

My point is, find something fun, find something you enjoy doing, find something that is going to challenge you, find something that you want to do.

You do not get anywhere in life from being comfortable.

You do not get your endorphin hit, you do not get a sweat on, you do not burn calories, you do not feel fulfilled if you are just comfortable when training or exercising.

Do something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable – and this is where you will find growth and reward.


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