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Jane Lewis

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Today’s guest is Jane Lewis. Jane has worked with some of the biggest broadcasting companies in the news industry. From Sky to STV, Jane now finds herself in a senior broadcasting role specialising in sports journalism for the BBC. Journalism is notoriously viewed as a fiercely competitive industry. Despite this Jane has carved her name into the world of sports journalism and continues to thrive. Through covering some of the nations biggest sporting events in front of the camera Jane discusses how believing in yourself alongside persistence and hard work has led to a remarkable career to date.

If you are someone who aspires to thrive in a competitive environment you will definitely find some value in here.


Sports journalist


Degree in Education and Environmental studies. Post-graduate in Broadcast journalism.

First job

News reporter BBC Berkshire.


Audi Q5

Favourite book

‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott.

Favourite film

Depends on my mood. I love ‘Shawshank Redemption’, but I also love ‘Love Actually’. Always a bit partial to Bond movies too!!


A real mixed bag. Kylie, Britney but would happily listen to the carpenters (Mums influence!).

Working day

My working day can vary regarding hours and what I’m actually doing. One day I’ll be interviewing sports people, on another I’ll be presenting Sportsound. I also report on a variety of football matches. Prepping is also an important part of my job. Doing my homework ahead of going to a match or presenting Sportsound is vital.


Going to the gym (although Covid has played havoc with this!).

What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Before being made staff at BBC Scotland, I spent 4 years on short term contracts. It was anxious times not knowing if they were going to be extended or not. That feeling of uncertainty was hard to deal with and remaining positive was tricky at times. I worked hard, but whether I was kept on was all down to finances, and outwith my control. It all turned out fine, in the end though!

Mindset habit or tip

Always believe in yourself, even if you feel others don’t. And persistence.

Nutrition habit or tip

Towards the end of the first lockdown, July time, I made a conscious effort to lose weight (all that lockdown banana cake!). I always exercised, but I had to change my diet too. I eat healthily, fish, chicken, veggies and salad. Of course, it’s ok to have a treat, especially if you burn it off in the gym or by going for a walk.

Training habit or tip

To me exercising is key to keeping the weight off, in combination with what you eat. But the more I’ve been exercising recently, the fitter I’ve become and that has such a positive effect on my mindset.

Who inspires you and why?

My dad. He has a condition that affects his mobility and balance. But he continues to push himself rather than succumb to it despite that, at times, being the harder option. His mindset is really positive.

What one thing would you tell a reader who was looking for an actionable step they could take to improve their lifestyle?

It depends what aspect of their life they want to improve. But I believe honesty is the best policy. You can’t change something if you’re in denial about it!

You can find Jane at

@Jane_Lewis on Twitter


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