I like that I didn’t have to do BURPEES!

I think this programme is a good point to start especially if you want to improve your habits long term. It incorporates training and nutrition. Best of all Sam is really approachable.

In other programmes there is a big emphasis on food and meal planning but during Project S I didn’t need to change my diet. I just had to make realistic alterations.

I work in IT and at home so on a ‘really good day’ I get about 500 steps in but on this programme I’ve managed to do 10,000 steps per day! I think this is really good for your mental health apart from anything else.

We don’t weigh ourselves often on the programme but at the halfway point I had lost 6kg and that was a massive boost to me because I didn’t feel like I had been dieting!

I’ve also enjoyed the fact I don’t need to workout in front of other people.

The fact Project S is only 63 days long means it was really doable in my mind. This was exactly what I needed.


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