Project S has made me think about me and looking after myself. On a Saturday night at 21:00 I had a call from work. Usually, I answer and try and sort things out but this time I said, ‘it’s Saturday night and I need a break, talk tomorrow’ (it wasn’t urgent btw). I’d never have done that previously, but mentally I was tired and needed to switch off and have me time.

I am now motivated and challenged thanks to Sam and Project S. I can see and feel my body changing. I was in good shape at the start but now I’m in even better shape physically and mentally.

I had plateaued and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was bored and wasn’t fuelling myself properly for exercise!

Sam is fantastic. He may not be there physically but is a WhatsApp message or a phone call away if you want him. His workouts are challenging. His motivational wisdoms are great and full of sense. You just know he actually lives what he’s telling you. Sam is real and genuine. He cares and wants to help! Trust me, signing up with Sam is the best thing your body and soul can do!


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