What you see here is the product of eight years of subconscious learning and work. My learning experience began around the age of 15 when I became a full-time footballer at Celtic FC. I was launched into a high-performance environment where everything you did on and off the pitch mattered. I became obsessed. I wanted to know how I could gain that little advantage over my team-mates and opponents.

Over the last eight years I have immersed myself physically and mentally into the world of high performance. I sought out every piece of knowledge I could get my hands on. The specialists I worked with – be it physios, sport scientists, nutritionists, football coaches, doctors – I was going to use them and learn from them. I know some of these experts will remember all too well my persistent questioning. I wanted to know the reason I was doing everything. It was all in good faith – and they knew that … I think!

One occasion in particular stands out for me. It was a few weeks after I had surgery to reconstruct my ACL. I had a check-up with the Dundee Utd club doctor, an orthopedic surgeon specialising in knees with over 20 years of experience. He began to test out the strength of my ligament. It had only been 2 weeks since the operation. “Can you stop please? Are you sure you should really be doing that?” I innocently enquired as he yanked away at my knee. He raised one eyebrow above the ridge of his glasses and gave me a peculiar look. “Absolutely! Your knee is rock solid, the surgeon would have done all these tests when you were asleep anyway,” the Doc said reassuringly. Anyone who has experienced the surgery and its aftermath may empathise with the kind of nauseating feeling that arises as the thoughts of the surgeon manipulating your knee run through your mind. Of course the doctor knew what he was doing! But me being me a bit of wimp and of course inquisitive wanted to know if this was normal procedure and why my new ligament was already strong enough for this sort of exposure.

The past eight years have served me well. I have consumed a wealth of knowledge on health, wellbeing and fitness from the most remarkable people in their fields.

What you see now is a product of the past three years. Aged twenty I became aware of what my true intellectual interest was. Essentially, I was obsessed with how to live a life in optimal condition. I wanted to know how to maximise life physically and mentally. I wanted and want to know the best methods we as humans can use to maximise our potential. From what we eat and drink, to what we do physically, to what we do mentally through our thought processes, internal monologues and external dialogues; these aspects are those in which I am most interested in. And these aspects are what I want to give you an insight into. I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. I am not a physio. I am not a psychiatrist. So don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming to be an expert in any of these fields. But I know some of the things I have picked up along the way work terrifically well. I have taken the knowledge from everyone I have worked with over the years, refined and shaped it, to create a vision I now deliver through coaching.

Three years ago I started to experiment with coaching ideas in my head and on paper. The question was how can I impact the lives of people from a training aspect? I spent around two years working with ideas on paper and some in practice. None of these gained any traction but I viewed them as invaluable lessons from a trial and error perspective. I learned a lot.

Fast forward to the start of 2020. And I, like everyone else faced the global pandemic. The brakes were put on life and we were all forced to stop. My experience of the pandemic was an interesting one. Professionally my career as a footballer was put on hold. Completely paused. It couldn’t have come at a better time. In all honesty I was beginning to struggle mentally with my passion, motivation and happiness surrounding the sport but I will leave that story for another time – it is one that is common amongst players.

As life stopped. I felt a complete sense of calm. Tranquillity almost. Picture this, a lake, completely still, not a single wave or bit of wind. That is what happened in my mind. For one moment my mind was completely still. It was crystal clear. For the first time in my life things had stopped and I was able to gain a unique perspective. I used this moment to reflect internally and externally on where my life was and where it was going. And it was in this moment my mind started to move. As life slowed down and stopped, I experienced a brief moment of clarity, before my train of thought set off down the tracks. It was quite literally a eureka moment. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people. At a time when people became so aware of their health and wellbeing I wanted to step in, put out my hand, and pull up as many people as I possibly could.

One by one people got on board the train. We were beginning to pick up speed. I was loving it. I was delivering everything in my head to the people around me and they were thriving.

Since that day I have worked tirelessly fine tuning the coaching service I now provide. And that brings us to here.

This website is the product of three months of work with, quite frankly, a sensational web developer. He has created a platform through which I can deliver insights into how you can optimise your lifestyle.

So, what is this?

It’s a website which delivers three things.

One – Day in the Life

I will deliver, once per week, a profile on a remarkable individual in their respective field. They will share their nutrition, training, and mindset tips whilst also explaining how they have overcome adversity in their life. You will have access to actionable tips from athletes, doctors, lawyers, business owners, journalists, and so on.

Two – Personal Articles

I will deliver personal articles, again one per week, on lifestyle tips which will offer gems of information you can absorb and then implement into your own lives. In the coming weeks and months you will have access to a catalogue of tips.

Three – Project S Lifestyle (PSL)

PSL is a 63 day challenge / programme to improve your nutrition, training ability, and mindset whilst learning how to do all these things consistently, long after the challenge is complete. Yes, you will lose fat, gain muscle, improve your sleep quality, improve your diet, and your mindset. But PSL is as much an educational journey as it is a transformational programme. You are going to learn how to live better. You are going to learn how to put your mind and body in optimal condition. 

PSL will run a handful of times throughout the year. It will begin with the PSL Restart in January followed by a summer and a winter challenge.

The best way to keep up to date with all my writing and PSL challenges is to register your email in the sign-up form. Doing so means you will never miss anything important from me.


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