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Stevie Grieve

Football Coach, Analyst and Scout



Today’s guest is Stevie Grieve. Stevie has a talent for delivering exceptional insights into the way football is played. Stevie’s journey to date is not only unique but is also remarkable. He has worked in various football environments across the globe. Most notably in the UK, Switzerland and Asia. Stevie is certainly not risk adverse when it comes to pursuing his career, but by taking actionable steps and embracing the journey he has had an incredible time so far.

Stevie is currently a football coach and analyst working at Dundee United FC in the Scottish Premiership. He has written many books and had his own tactical analysis TV show in Asia. Stevie developed an online e-course for tactical understanding and is soon to release an app. If you work in a football or any sporting environment you will definitely find some value in Stevie’s story.


Football Coach, Analyst and Scout.


UEFA A Licence. Otherwise 2 x College dropout.

First job

Macaroon and Tablet sales aged 10. I kept 25% of the profit up to £36. I kept the rest if I oversold them.



Favourite book

‘Developing Intelligent Players’ by Horst Wein.

Favourite film

‘Beverly Hills Cop.’


‘Slipknot’… Controversial choice I know.

Working day

My day begins with a 06:00 rise before walking the dog, playing with my son, and then commuting to work for a 07:55 start. From then on I spend the day carrying out analysis and recruitment based tasks.


I spend my downtime doing family stuff which includes walking the dog and taking my wife and little boy on day trips.

What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

Moving to coach in Switzerland after being paid off by Scottish and Southern Energy, I used my little pay off to meet people for a job, find a flat, move there, get settled and then get to work. Obviously, the language barrier was an issue initially but my girlfriend (now wife) was there too so it was easier than normal. Moving abroad and risking everything you have on it working out is a stressful challenge but it’s worked out well.

Mindset habit or tip

Be driven to be the best, think about why the top performing people are at the top and what steps do you need to reach that level. Embrace the journey.

Nutrition habit or tip

Don’t eat the whole packet, 1 or 2 biscuits is enough.

Training habit or tip

Set time aside every day. I walk the dog 2-4 times a day at set times so I have a bit of a routine. I think it helps.

Who inspires you and why?

My wife. She puts up with my rubbish on a daily basis.

What one thing would you tell a reader who was looking for an actionable step they could take to improve their lifestyle?

Write down some objectives and then what steps would be needed to get there. What do you need to do? What can you learn to help? What strengths do you have that you can use the most?

You can find Stevie’s work at

@StevieGrieve on Twitter


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