• 5 Week Programme
  • X 15 Pitch Based Fitness Sessions
  • X 5 Gym Strength Sessions
  • X 5 Gym Power Sessions
  • X 5 Mobility and Prehab Sessions
  • X 5 Core Sessions
  • X 5 Speed & Agility Session from J20 Coaching
  • Game Changing Nutrition Guidance
  • Mindset Support to unlock your Confidence
  • Technical Training


This is an updated version of Pre Pre Season 2023 (PPS23).

PPS23 was good, but after another 12 months of working closely with players online and in person I knew I could make it even better.

PPS24 will take you through a week by week training programme. Through weeks 1 to 5 we will build you up to optimal fitness, strength and power levels.

This programme will allow you to focus on your football with full confidence knowing you do not have to worry about your fitness, strength, speed or power levels.

This Programme contains everything you need to return to Pre Season well rested and recovered but also in the best condition of your life.

Following this Programme will allow you to be the fittest and strongest player upon return to team training.

This Programme will change the way you view you view yourself as a Football Player and Athlete.

It will change the way you Train, Eat, Sleep and think about Football.

If you want to have the best season of your life – this programme is the best place to start.

We also have a special feature this year with J20 Coaching. He specialises in Speed and Agility which now has an important place inside the PPS24 programme.

The programme is suitable for players playing at Grassroot level all the way to Professional level.

This programme is for 12 years old and over. Not all of the programme is suitable for players 14 years and below and the decision to take part in these parts of the programme is at the discretion of the player and a responsible parent / guardian or trainer.

Please read our Terms & Conditions on the back page of the programme prior to commencing.

PPS24 will return to its full price on Saturday the 1st of June 2024.

Original price was: £149.99.Current price is: £97.00.

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