// Player Programme

// What is the Player Programme?

Step 1

Join our Football Coaching Programme for only £25 per week. Payment is made every 5 weeks for a minimum of 15 weeks. At which point you can leave us if you feel you no longer need us. We would love to support you all season long.

Step 2

Follow the instructions within your Welcome Email and complete the Player Programme Audit. This will allow us to build your Programme.

Step 3

The Player Programme Team will be busy getting your Player Programme ready for our next start date.

// Are you ready to upgrade your game?



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I have established a bank of effective methods which will change your life.

I designed the Player Programme Model to quickly and effectively transfer the skills I’ve learned over 10 Years to you in a minimum of 15 weeks.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made, or spend 10 years learning how to achieve what you will achieve in the Player Programme.

I want you to fulfil your potential both on and off the pitch as an athlete and human.

Essentially, I want to give you the ability to Run for Longer, Run Faster, Jump Higher, Sleep Better and Eat Better.

I Want You to Be Better.

What do you get?


Pitch based Football Fitness drills that will make you the Fittest Player in your team. We focus on Endurance, Sprinting and Change of Direction.


You will work closely with our Technical Coach, Aidan Nesbitt, to help you improve every aspect of your technical game.


Strength & Power focused sessions to improve Power, Explosiveness and Speed.


You will work closely with our Physio Struan Wilson who will help you to reduce injuries, allowing you to stay on the training pitch and match day pitch for longer!


Understand how to Fuel your Body for 90 minutes, Training Days, Off Days and Recovery Days. And find out which Supplements you need as a Player.


Private 1-1 weekly Zoom Calls with Sam, Struan or Aidan to assess, manage and discuss your progress. You will also have access to your coaches daily through WhatsApp.


You must be 14 years old or over. If you are 14 you must have Parental Consent. The reason for this is because the programme contains gym work only suited to players of this age. 

Once you have paid you will be receive and email from Sam containing your Player Programme Audit. This is an important series of questions which will allow us to create your unique Player Programme. The Player Programme works in 5 week cycles and so you will begin with us on our next 5 week start date. Prior to this you will have access to all the materials you will need to upgrade your game!

Yes. At the Player Programme we work with Full Time Professional Players to Amateur and Local Team level. Our age range currently begins at 14 and extends to 48. We have a range of Players working with us. The Player Programme has worked with Players who are in Pre Season, Off Season and Players who are Mid Season. The Player Programme is bespoke to suit your schedule as a Football Player and Athlete.

After your initial 15 weeks within The Player Programme you will have the option to continue working with us. This time on a pay as you go set up. Every 5 weeks you will have the choice to stay with us or leave and go off independently as a Player. We would however love to work with you until your season finishes. You also have access to the majority of the resources and programmes for life.

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// Ready to upgrade your game?

Player Programme Start Dates


24 June 2024

29 July 2024 

2 September 2024